TNA iMPACT Results – 9/9/15


We see the video package looking back at last week, then we go right to the studio with Josh and Pope as they run down the evening’s card. They throw it to the ring as Ethan Carter III comes out to the ring with Tyrus. Ethan talks about how the balance of power between Jeff Jarrett and his Aunt Dee is almost upon us, but he doesn’t give a crap because he’s EC3, and nobody should ever bet against him. Jeff Hardy bet against him by betting on his brother, but he pinned Matt 1-2-3 to remain the World Champion, and now he wants to introduce his new personal assistant, Jeff Hardy! Jeff’s music starts to play, but EC3 yells to shut his music off because servants walk out silently. Jeff has a couple of bottles of water, and EC3 says Jeff already knows him so well because he knows he gets parched from talking so much. EC3 takes a sip, then spits it out on Jeff because it’s 73 degrees instead of 72 like he asked. He has some gifts for Jeff on his first day at work, and makes him carry around a giant cutout of EC3’s face on a stick. He then has Jeff read off an introduction putting EC3 over as the greatest thing ever, and EC3 reveals that tonight he and Tyrus will be facing his brother Matt and Rockstar Spud.

Ethan Carter III & Tyrus vs Matt Hardy & Rockstar Spud

Tyrus and Hardy start us off, and Hardy winds up on the short end of a slugfest as EC3 tags in. Hardy quickly unloads all his frustrations on EC3, hammering him with right hands and snapping him over with a Russian legsweep for 2. Spud tags in and goes after his former boss in a rage, but gets dumped to the floor and beaten up by Tyrus. Spud plays babyface-in-peril for several minutes before breaking free and tagging Hardy in to clean house. Hardy and EC3 wind up fighting out on the floor after EC3 tries ordering Jeff to hit his brother and Spud with the EC3 sign, and Tyrus plants Spud with a sitout chokeslam for the win.

Winners: Ethan Carter III & Tyrus

EC3 makes Jeff raise their hands in victory after the match.

Drew Galloway is backstage giving the Wolves a pep talk and saying that Jeff Jarrett’s coming for everything they have worked for and they’re not going to let it happen. Drew promises he’ll get TNA the one man advantage when he beats Chris Mordetzky tonight.

The Dollhouse is backstage, and Taryn Terrell says Rebel is the newest Doll and has to prove herself by taking out one of the Beautiful People tonight.

The Dollhouse jumps Madison Rayne backstage, and Velvet Sky and Angelina Love come in to make the save, but Jade takes Angelina out with a chair. I bet we won’t see Angelina for nine months to a year!

Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring and says they’re ready for their hostile takeover of TNA next week, but right now there’s someone walking around with something that belongs to him. Jeff Jarrett tells Bobby Roode to come out and return his King of the Mountain Title. We see a recap of Roode’s win over PJ Black as Roode makes his way to the ring, and Jeff says he doesn’t want to argue about it and just wants his title handed over. Roode asks why he should, because Jeff goes around calling himself the King of the Mountain, but Roode earned the title in the ring. Jeff says he’ll give Roode one more chance to give his title back or else. Roode puts the belt on the top turnbuckle and takes his t-shirt off, but Karen tells them to stop this because they’re acting like children. She believes in Jeff and he’s a week away from getting everything he wants, but if he fights Roode tonight, he’s jeopardizing all of that. She says Roode is the longest reigning TNA World Champion and thinks he’s so smart, but she would think he would be smarter about protecting his spot since he’s a week away from answering to her husband. Karen says Dixie has nothing left, she’s outnumbered and Roode is outnumbered. They’ve worked together for a long time, and she wants Roode to think about that. Karen tells Jeff they’re leaving, and they take their leave of Roode.

Kenny King, Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz get into an argument backstage with Drew Galloway and the Wolves, and Tigre Uno, Micah, and Robbie E come in and start brawling with them as we go to commercial.

EC3 finds Jeff Hardy backstage and chews him out for not hitting Spud and Hardy when he told them to, but he’ll chalk it up to first day jitters. Tyrus is carrying a big batch of EC3 merchandise, and wants Jeff to go out and sell it to the Creatures. Oh, and he tells Jeff to make sure he doesn’t skim off the top.

Jessie Godderz, Eli Drake & Kenny King vs Robbie E, Tigre Uno & Micah

Given how talented some of the guys in this match are, I really wish TNA made them mean more than a throwaway six man to fill time. They have a six man tag, spend the second half of it doing spotspotspotspotspot and Robbie pins Jessie after hitting Hertz Donut.

Winners: Robbie E, Micah & Tigre Uno

Knockouts Title Match: Brooke Tessmacher vs Gail Kim

They start off with some basic chain wrestling, but Brooke quickly dumps Gail to the apron and shoulderblocks her to the floor. They go back inside and Brooke maintains control and hits a facebuster for 2. Brooke goes for it again and Gail counters to a modified Rings of Saturn. Brooke reverses to a cradle for 2, Gail reverses to a crucifix for 2. Brooke gets a Muta Lock, but can’t break Gail down flat on the mat and Gail manages to crawl free. Brooke gets a small package for 2, and Lei’D Tapa comes out while both girls are down on the mat and steals the Knockouts Title belt. Brooke flapjacks Gail and makes a cover, but gets up at 2 when she sees Tapa at ringside. Brooke swoops off the apron with a diving forearm to Tapa and then turns her attention to Tapa’s…manager or bass player or whatever he is. Tapa uses the opening to clock Brooke in the back of the head with the belt, causing a DQ.

Winner: Brooke Tessmacher by DQ

Gail Kim tries to go after Tapa as she gets into the ring, but Tapa flattens her with a big boot and hits her TKO stunner. Awesome Kong’s music hits, and she powerwalks out to the ring and goes face to face with Tapa. They trade shots until Tapa picks Kong up and slams her, but Kong is right back up and returns the favor with a slam of her own. Kong knocks Tapa silly with a spinning backfist and clotheslines her to the floor. Tapa’s bookie talks Tapa out of going back into the ring, and they head to the back as Kong holds Brooke’s belt up and stares a hole in Tapa’s skull.

Jeff Jarrett is backstage giving GFW a pep talk and says he has a special surprise for them later tonight.

Jeff Hardy is telling Drew Galloway how awesome it is that he’s standing up for TNA and how much he wishes he could fight by his side, but EC3 pops in and says that it’s not their fight. Ethan tells Drew good luck losing his aunt’s company and tells Jeff it’s time to do his laundry, then leaves. Jeff says that’s their World Champion and that needs to change before following his boss.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Brian Myers & Trevor Lee vs The Wolves

The Wolves jump Lee and Myers during their entrance, toss them in the ring, beat them up some more, then dump them to the floor and take them out with a trifecta of dives. the Wolves are absolutely destroying the champions, hitting a double team falcon arrow/knockout kick combo on Lee for 2, but then Lee hits a moonsault powerslam on Eddie for 2. Davey knocks Myers out to the floor and superplexes Lee, but Lee comes back with a nice German suplex for 2. Myers again gets dumped to the floor, the Wolves hit Lee with the double team Alarm Clock, then they hit the powerbomb/lungblower combo on Lee and make a cover, but Sonjay Dutt pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count 3. Earl Hebner runs out, knocks Dutt out, and the Wolves hit a knockout kick/Tombstone combo on Lee and Hebner counts the winning pinfall.

Winners and New TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Wolves

Sgt Chris Melendez is backstage, and he’s…ON CRUTCHES! He’s got something to say to Eric Young tonight!

Sgt Chris Melendez comes out to the ring on crutches and says he’s not happy he lost his leg to Eric Young last week, but he’s got one more and is ready to fight Eric Young again, and wants Young to come out and face him. Young comes out with Melendez’s leg and says this is what an American hero looks like. He’s already sent Kurt Angle home and made him explain to his kids why he can’t wrestle anymore, and now Melendez is standing there on one leg because of him. Melendez says he will never back down or surrender, and it’s a good thing Young has that leg because when he gets done with him, he’ll be the one who needs it. Young says he doesn’t have to face him again, but he’s so sure he can beat him again, he’ll give him his leg back. He holds the leg out to Melendez, then shoves him over when he hops over to take it. Young says he’s never going to get the leg back, and the next time they face each other, Young will take everything.

Drew Galloway is backstage with Team TNA and says he’ll not only get the advantage for TNA, but he’s going to get payback on Chris Mordetzky for attacking him.

We see a special sitdown interview with Mahabali Shera, who talks about how honored he was to be endorsed by Kurt Angle, but how difficult it was to come here and have no friends. He then starts speaking in Indian and, according to the subtitles, says he will beat James Storm in all ways possible. He flips back to English and says he will do it because James Storm he not respect him.

Josh runs down next week’s card, and then…IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!

Lumberjack Match For Advantage In Lethal Lockdown: Drew Galloway vs Chris Mordetzky

They waste no time going after each other, and we waste no time going to commercial!

We’re back, and Mordetzky is in control as he hammers Galloway with a big clothesline and covers for 2. Drew battles back, going toe to toe with Mordetzky and trying to tilt him over with a backslide. Mordetzky powers him over his own head and Galloway hits the Future Shock DDT, but sets for a big boot instead of going for the cover. Lee and Myers pulls Galloway out under the bottom rope, but the Wolves go after them as Lashley joins in. Jeff Jarrett gets in the ring and cocks his guitar back, but Eric Young runs out and yanks the guitar out of Jarrett’s hands. Okay, we all know where this is going…yep, Young cleans Galloway’s clock with the guitar and Mordetzky covers for the win.

Winner: Chris Mordetzky

GFW now has the one man advantage going into Lethal Lockdown, and that’s a wrap for this week’s show.

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