A Live Fan Report From The NXT Takeover: Respect Event


Credit: Andrew Twiss & PWInsider

– The dark match before the show saw Bull Dempsey (with new music) defeat Sawyer Fulton.

– There were 4 new shirts available at the show :

* A “We Are NXT” shirt
* A Takeover shirt, specific to the event, with Sasha and Bayley on it
* A Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic shirt with the tournament logo on front and the brackets on back.
* A Dusty Rhodes Memorial shirt with a picture of him in the front and “The American Dream will live on” on the back.

– I don’t know if they showed Stephanie’s reaction when Sasha stole the headband from Izzy, but the “Oh S**t” look on her face was priceless.

– After most of the talent had left and the 4 Horsewomen were hugging, Sasha went over to Izzy and handed her the bouquet of flowers to apologize and they exchanged a fist bump.

– Overall, it was an awesome show and a very lively crowd. We were encouraged by Gregory Hamilton before the show to be loud and show the world why Full Sail is the home of NXT.

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