AJ Styles Blames Dixie Carter For His TNA Departure


AJ Styles spoke with The Whig about leaving TNA, how he got into wrestling and more. Check out the highlights:

On how his TNA departure became public: “Ultimately, Dixie’s the head honcho there. If you’re the head honcho of any business, you’ve got to take responsibility for the good things and the bad things. You’ve got to hire the right people. If you’re not smart enough to make this decision, or make the right decision, then you hire someone who’s smarter than you to make that decision for you.”

On not being signed by WWE when WCW was bought in 2001: “The only contact I had was Johnny Ace telling me that they were not picking up my contract,” Styles said, admitting it was a huge blow to his confidence. “It was depressing there for a little bit, but it was one of those things where (I said) ‘Alright, I’m going to go back to the indies and I’m going to find a way to make a name for myself.’ ”

On how he got into wrestling: “It wasn’t something that I sought to do. I had some friends who were lifelong wrestling fans. They’ll watch wrestling till they die. I probably would not have the most prestigious job in the world, that’s for sure. At the time, I was delivering bottled water. I can’t imagine I’d be doing some job that I’d be making a lot of money or something that my child would (be saying) ‘Hey, this is what my dad does for a living.’ I could be wrong, (but) who knows where I would’ve ended up.”

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