WWE Match Types

Match Type Description
#1 Contender’s Match A normal match in which the winner is gets a title shot for the aforementioned title some time in the near future
2 Out Of 3 Falls A normal match is wrestled, but one wrestler must win two falls before his opponent does.
Ambulance Match To win the match, you must put your opponent in the ambulance and drive it away
Armageddon Match After a pin or submission, if that wrestler can’t get up in a ten count they are the loser
Battle Royal Set number of wrestlers in the ring at once. Competitors throw each other over the top rope and the last one left in the ring is the winner.
Blind Fold Match Both opponents wrestle with blindfolds on.
Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match Brass knuckles are suspended on a poll.  The first wrestler to climb up and get it can use it in the match
Broadstreet Bully Match A hardcore match, where anything goes, including the use of weapons
Buried Alive Match To win the match, you must bury your opponent alive
Caged Heat Straight Jacket Match A match where a straight jacket must be put on your opponent and then get a win the normal way.
Canadian Penalty Box Match The match is wrestled under Canadian rules (which were made up as the match progresses). If a wrestler broke a rule, he would be out of the match for a minute (much like in hockey)
Chamber of Horrors Match A match took place in a cage where there is an electric chair in the middle.  You must put a member of your opponent’s team in the chair and pull the switch to electrocute him.
Concrete Crypt Match A manager is put in a glass chamber where it is filled with cement if his wrestler does something wrong
Crowbar on a Pole Match A crowbar is placed on a pole over the ring and to win you must grab the crowbar and use it.
Cruiserweight Open A gauntlet match featuring Cruiserweight wrestlers
Crybaby Match The loser of the match is put in a diaper and powdered, just like a baby
Death Match One loses a match by not being able to get up after a 10 count
DNA Match You must get your opponent to bleed, in order to get the DNA that is necessary.
Dog Collar Match Both wrestlers are linked together by a chain from a collar around their necks.
Doomsday Match A team of two have to fight their way through four sections of a three tiered cage, battling four teams of two to win.
Down Underwear Match Two female wrestlers compete in an Evening Gown Match (preferably in Australia)
Duck on a Ladder Match A plastic duck is suspended over the ring and to win you have to set up a ladder and climb up it to retrieve it.
Evening Gown Match Both female wrestlers wear evening gowns and try to tear their opponents’s off to win.
Fatal Four Way Four contestants compete in a match against one-another, either all four in the ring at once or two wrestle and tag in the third and forth
First Blood Match The first wrestler to bleed in the match loses.
Four Corners Evening Gown Match in a Pool A regular Evening Gown match is taken place in a pool instead of a ring
Gauntlet Match Two wrestlers start wrestling and the winner wrestles a new opponent.  The winner of that wrestles a new person, and so on until all the contestants are defeated
Good Housekeeping Match A match takes place with various household items in the ring, which can be used in the match
Hair vs. Hair Match The loser of the match will get his head shaved bald either directly after the pin or for the next TV appearance
Handicap Match A match where there is an uneven amount of wrestlers on one side.  For example, 2 on 1 or 3 on 2
Hang Up The Boots Match The loser of the match must retire from wrestling; normal rules apply for the actual match
Hell In The Cell – List of all of ’em An fifteen foot high roofed cage is constructed on the ring apron and a normal match is then wrestled in it.
Hog Pen Match A match that took place in the ring and then they fightto a hog pen full of mud and throw their opponent into it
Hollywood Backlot Brawl A fight that took place in the back lot of a Hollywood movie studio, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Inferno Match Wrestlers wrestle in a ring surrounded by fire; to win you set your opponent on fire.
Iron Circle Match A match takes place in a parking lot with the “ring” made out of automobiles.
Iron Man Match Wrestlers try to get more wins in a set amount of time.
Kennel from Hell Match A match takes place in a cage that is surrounded by a “Hell in the Cell” cage; in between the two cages are attack dogs.  Regular “Hell in the Cell” rules apply
King of the Hill Battle Royal A regular battle royal except that there are two rings side by side to wrestle in
King of the Road Match A regular match that takes place on the back of an 18 wheeler truck that is driving down the road.
Ladder Match Championship belts are hung above the ring; in order to win a wrestler must climb a ladder and grab it.
Las Vegas Sudden Death Match This match has the added rule of a 10 count knock out, meaning to win the match you knock out your opponent and he can’t get up within a count of 10.
Lethal Lottery Tag teams are randomly put together and compete in a tournament
Lifeguard Match A match similar to a lumberjack match, but takes place in a beach themed event or arena
Lover Her or Leave Her Greenwich Street Fight Match A gimmicked street fight match, where if one of the contestants won, he’d get to marry someone.
Lumberjack Match Wrestlers stand outside the ring and throw the combatant back in if he or she falls out.
Minnesota Massacre Match Several wrestlers names are randomly selected to wrestle in a match
Money in the Bank Ladder Match A traditional ladder match is held, but the winner gets to have a heavyweight title shot sometime within a one year span
Nightstick Match A nightstick is suspended on a poll above a ring post and the first wrestler to get it can use it.
People Power Battle Royal A regular battle royal match with the entrances shown on WWE’s pre-game YouTube show and the winner gets a title shot in the future for his choice of the US title or the Intercontinental title.
Pinfalls Count Anywhere A match takes place in the whole arena (and sometimes outside of it).
Playboy Evening Gown Match The same as an evening gown match (the female wrestlers wear evening gowns and try to tear their opponents off to win)
Raven’s Rules Two wrestlers (usually one is the wrestler Raven) wrestle in a no rules match
Royal Rumble Two wrestlers start the match then each two minutes another wrestler comes out. To be eliminated you are thrown out of the ring over the top rope
San Francisco 49er’s Match A match with four boxes in the corners: three have useable weapons, while one has the title belt (usually held in San Francisco)
Sicilian Street Fight A no rules match, involving weapons, takes place (usually either in Sicily or between Italians)
Skins Match – Leather Jacket-on-a-Pole Match This is a regular [BLANK]-on-a-pole match, where the winner climbs the pole to get the leather jacket
Steel Cage Match A fifteen foot high cage is constructed around the ring to wrestle in.
Strap Match Two opponents are strapped together from the wrist. To win, a wrestler must drag his or her opponent to all four corners.
Striptease Match Either the loser or someone accompanying the loser must strip.
Survivor Series Match Two teams of either four or five wrestle together. Each time someone loses, he or she is eliminated from the match. It continues until one side has zero members active.
Tables Match A match where the winner must have a table broken with his opponent on top of it, usually by slamming him through it.
Thong Stink Face Match Two women wrestle and to win must do a “Stinkface” move (Rikishi’s finishing move, where you rub your butt on someone’s face who is sitting in the corner)
Triple Threat Match Three wrestlers wrestle in a regular style match, either with all three men or women in the ring at once or two in the ring with tagging in the third wrestlers
Tuxedo Match Two men wrestle in a tuxedo, trying to pull his opponent’s off to win.