Another Live Report From Last Night’s WWE RAW


Credit: Adam Dunn and

Half the upper deck was tarped off. I’ve never seen that before.

The crowd was red hot to start the show. Lot’s of noise for the Bray Wyatt and John Cena opening segment, which came across simply amazing live.

The Uso’s winning was very well received too.

Either I’ve gotten old or they have turned up the audio on the shows to deafening levels. I never remember it being that loud for the dozen or so events I have been too. Every commercial break and entrance theme was like a rock concert.

The crowd was dead until Daniel Bryan came out, and then they were dead for the remainder of the show. There was just an empty feeling in the arena with simply too much filler.

Overall, it was probably the worst wrestling show I’ve been to. And that includes a godawful Smackdown in 2004 where Josh Matthews was in the main event. Unless someone gives me ringside seats, I won’t be at the Survivor Series in November.

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