Assault Charges Dropped Against Heath Slater


It’s a good week for WWE-contracted talent and their legal issues. On the heels of assault charges being dropped against Kevin Nash yesterday, all criminal charges against Heath Slater have been dropped stemming from the alleged incident that went down over WrestleMania 27 weekend.

As previously noted, security guard Corinne Oliver claimed that Slater had tried to force her into his hotel room at the afterparty and that Slater grabbed her in a chokehold as she was escorting him away from fans, but that she was able to pull herself away. Oliver didn’t report the claim to police in Atlanta until June of 2011, two months after the fact. Her lawyer had claimed that she initially reported the altercation to her supervisor who said they would resolve it. When that didn’t happen, she then decided to go after Slater criminally.

Slater denied the charges and said they would be thrown out once the evidence was heard. He was pulled from the WWE tours after the warrant was issued. Now that the charges are dropped, he could be brought back at any time.

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