Axl Rotten & Big Vito Rant On Hadcore Roadtrip – Details


— Axl Rotten has posted a new podcast, which you can check out at this link. Here is the description of the episode…

On this edition of the Podcast, Axl and James Ryder discuss the newly defunct Extreme Rising and Hardcore Roadtrip promotions. Axl has dealt with both off their promoters in the past, and is more than happy to give his opinion on them. In addition Axl addresses the serious allegations made against him by another wrestler.

— Indy wrestler Big Vito also posted the following rant on his Facebook page:

First off, I would like to thanks the fans for getting all the people who worked the show, back home safely. That was one of the best things I saw in wrestling in a long time. We are all people. We care about how your being entertained, you care about us. I know all who were involved were thankful. Christain York and my self were taken to a couples home, we slept on there couch and they took us thru the border. They were kind and cool people who helped out. No one is rich these days by no means, but when you open your home to strangers, you got more going on in your lives then just trying to get by, you have values. A good heart. Everyone can say what they want about Mark Livingston the promoter of the event. he mite have done this before, but he gave me no reason to miss trust him. people can say I told you so, but if a wife or husband cheats on you and they change there ways, you forgive them and move on. my dealings with the man were good, he booked me , he paid me, on his last show. So I came across for the second one. He paid me my deposit, my airline ticket, my hotel, shuttle, I arrived to the hotel as the surprise for the show, only a few knew I was gonna be there. The contact with him was that I had not eaten, he got me some food by his runner in my hotel, and then he told me that I was to be picked up at 7.30 to go to the building. I made my way in the back and saw some old friends, happy to see Jazz N Rodney Mack, Scorpio, Angel, guys I know for years along with the rest of the locker room. no one said anything until I asked where Rhino was, they told me he was sent home because he could not afford him on the 2nd show. Well he was being honest ok. I still have not seen @Mark Livingston, I saw Stephen DeAngelis, and all was good . We spoke about tonites events. Show goes on all is going good, I go out do my thing, then when I get back I hear the promoter had to go to the hospital, heart attack. I knew what that meant. I looked out at the match going on and it was a death match. I told Steve, to tell them to go home. he told them to. I saw those guys giving there all and cutting them selves up. Blood everywhere. I told them again to take it home. Match ends and then they were told in the ring what happened. They got on the mike and exposed the promoter. Upset fans and the boys. As they were speaking Steve told me to go and say something. I spoke to the fans and told them it was true but we needed help. I told them they mite of felt betrayed, but the Wrestlers were in another country and had no rides to get home or across the border to get home. I asked them for there help . The were responsive and opened the hearts. Steve then got on the mic and organized rides and made sure we all made it home. Some things were left and were taken that belonged to the promoter. Not a cool thing all the way around, you work you get paid. I learned that some had not received deposits, were promised money for there travel, I am not sure if guys got some money for the first show, was not my business. As we all parted ways it was a sour face on all. All points were looking good for the follow up show on the 31 of May. But, no one expected this. You dont leave people stranded in another country. let alone not pay them. karma comes back to people who do awful things, this affected peoples lives and families. 24 years in and this never happened before. I got thru it. To clear things up, Steve De Angelis bleeds wrestling. he would not hurt no one. For people to say he was in cohoots with the guy is insane. not a mean bone in his body. Not that type of guy. So have your nasty for him. for the people who were sitting home and not booked on the show and crapping on all of us, if you were booked and got your deposit, would you have come ? the answer is YES. So please stop your non sense on I told you so. no reason not to go if you got your money. FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SAY ECW IS DEAD, It mite not be 1999, but the guys who were there mite not be the same athletes, but there the guys who gave there all in a time when we were different. We were special. It is the people who are promoters, who use the word, EXTREME AND MESS THINGS UP. cant go back 14 years no, I am lucky, I can still go and more if it called for it. Some cant , but they try there best. When promoters dont pay a deposit, ALARM. When you dont ask for one ALARM. You never pay for your OWN FLIGHTS. Promoters think its OK to cancel, SOME MAKE A LIVING AT THIS. IT IS NOT. I could go on, I wont. So for the past 2 weeks, EXTREME was abused. our bad for letting it happen. TO ALL THE BOYS OUT THERE YOUNG AND OLD, LET THIS BE A LESSON, DONT WORK FOR FREE OR LET PROMOTERS PROMISE , I WILL GET YOU ON THE NEXT ONE, YOU DONT NEED IT AND YOU DONT WORK FOR FREE. DONT WHORE YOUR SELF OUT JUST TO BE ON A SHOW. LEARN FROM THIS.I DONT GO NO WHERE UNLESS I HAVE MONEY AND OR I TRUST YOU FOR LIKE I KNOW YOU FOR 10 YEARS OR BETTER, BUT EVEN THEN , THOSE PROMOTERS THINK IT IS OK TO DO IT TO YOU, IT IS NOT. GET YOUR DEPOSITS PEOPLE, ITS NOT LIKE THE OLD DAYS. I am sorry this happened. A lesson to be learned. hope all got home safe. THANK YOU TO THE FANS WHO HELPED OUT THE BOYS TO GET HOME. HAVE A GREAT DAY. FEEL FREE TO REPOST THIS ANYWHERE YOU WANT. — BIG VITO LO GRASSO

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