Backstage News – How Serious Is John Cena’s Eye Injury?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

John Cena is suffering from a legitimate eye injury. The injury is actually a combination of reality and WWE storyline.

Cena first suffered the eye injury at the WWE live events two weekends ago, as it was evident on the February 2nd RAW, but ended up getting worse as time went on.

As a result of the injury, Cena did not wrestle at this past weekend’s live events or at Monday’s RAW.

The injury is said to be a corneal abrasion. They shot an angle on RAW where Rusev went after Cena’s bad eye, but in the end, they ultimately said Cena would be ready for the WWE Fast Lane pay-per-view.

Those in the company are under the impression that Cena is cleared to compete as early as the WWE tour of Abu Dhabi.

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