The Backstage Reaction To Samoa Joe’s TNA Departure


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UPDATE x 2: Several people in TNA are “very down” over the fact that Joe and TNA were unable to come to terms. As we’ve previously reported, Joe was very well-liked by the roster and has always been viewed as a locker room leader who would often hold meetings to “rile up” the roster.

In addition, several talent reacted to Joe’s departure, posting to Twitter:

UPDATE: Here are some additional details on why Samoa Joe was unable to come to terms with TNA on a new contract. A source notes that it is a similar situation to AJ Styles’ departure in 2013, that the company simply wasn’t able to match what Joe had been making to this point and that in the end, Joe decided to leave.

Both sides were engaged in talks and tried to come to terms on a new deal all the way to the end of the contract and it was all amicable, but they simply couldn’t find a point that fit what both sides were looking for. The company is very different now from when Joe’s contract last came up and TNA left it to Joe to make a decision after giving him their final offer.

It is said to be very clear between both parties that there are no hard feelings and the door is open for a return some day if it works out. TNA is sorry to see Joe go but understand that this is best for all involved.

It was added that a lesser factor in Joe’s departure was that the company was looking for newer talent to invest in and that past creative mishandling of Joe made it difficult for them to rebuild him. The hope is that if Joe does return eventually, it can be a fresh start.

ORIGINAL: Samoa Joe has left TNA. Joe, who has been a big part of the new heel Beat Down Clan faction, posted the following to Twitter:

No word on why he left or his next move, but as we know more we’ll provide updates.

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