Backstage Reaction To Seth Rollins Hacking & Nude Photos


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UPDATE x 5: As we previously reported, Seth Rollins’ social media accounts were hacked last night and a nude photo of NXT diva Zahra Schreiber was posted. It also appeared on for a few hours since WWE embeds social media feeds on Superstar and Diva pages. After that, Rollins’ fiancee Leighla Schultz posted two full-frontal nude photos of Rollins with a reference to Schreiber.

There is said to be no heat on Rollins for the incident. WWE knows that his accounts were “obviously” hacked and he’s a victim. WWE sent a memo to the roster that they will not discuss or reference the situation publicly because it would be “insensitive” to Rollins.

UPDATE x 4: As reported yesterday, Seth Rollins appeared to have his social media accounts hacked last night as a naked photo of WWE developmental Diva Zahra Schreiber was posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even (which automatically picks up social media posts of its wrestlers).

Rollins fiancée Leighla Schulz then got involved thinking Rollins had posted a naked photo of his mistress (Zahra) and so she posted a naked photo of Rollins with a reference to his apparent mistress in the caption (“Zahara?”) in retaliation. Schulz later admitted to one of her Twitter followers that the thought of Rollins’ social media being hacked had not crossed her mind since she does not use Twitter much.

Seth Rollins has now posted the following on Twitter, apologizing for last night’s incident involving nude photos. He does not claim that his accounts were hacked or that the naked photos are fake.

And to keep things fair, here is an image of Rollins that was released…

UPDATE x 3: During today’s WWE/NXT conference call, Triple H commented on the leaked photos involving Seth Rollins.

“H” noted that Colby Lopez (Rollins’ real name) has apologized and that, “This is an unfortunate personal incident and that’s all it is”. We’ll have more from the conference call later today.

UPDATE x 2: Seth Rollins posted the following on Twitter late Monday night following RAW:

UPDATE: As we noted earlier tonight, Seth Rollins’ Instagram account appeared to have been hacked, as a nude photo of WWE NXT Diva Zahara Schreiber was posted to the account.

The photo has since been removed, however Seth Rollins’ fiance Leighla Schultz retaliated for the posted photo by posting a photo of Seth Rollins completely naked on her Twitter account. When fans questioned the legitimacy of the Tweet, Schultz clarified that she indeed sent out the photos.

ORIGINAL: Seth Rollins’ social media accounts were hacked on Monday night.

Rollins’ official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts posted a nude photo of young woman with the caption, “Zahra Schreiber” – a developmental talent at NXT.

The photos have since been removed but are still circulating on social media. A of this writing, neither Rollins nor Schreiber have commented on the situation.

As far as we know, Rollins has a real-life fiancé and you can click here to view photos of the two of them together. She apparently went on a Twitter rant earlier tonight on Seth, threatening to break up with him over the photo. Trouble in paradise for Rollins?! Seth has some explaining to do tonight! More on this later.