Backstage Report – Uncertainty Over TNA’s TV Future


Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to sources, there is “a lot of uncertainty” over TNA’s future with Destination America. The most recent set of TV tapings run through the end of September, which is when Destination America has been previously reported as ending the show’s run on their network, and no new tapings have been announced. More importantly, no word has come down as to whether they will be staying on the cable network.

Most people in the company figured that the situation would be cleared up by this point, considering that it’s only a month or so away from the September breaking point. There were past rumors that the next taping would be set for October 5th and/or 6th, but in the past tapings have been announced over a month beforehand in order to properly promote and draw crowds.

Destination America is still refusing to comment on the situation and TNA officials are being left in the dark. Many feel as if that doesn’t spell good news.

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