Backstage Report – WWE Making A Big Investment In Tapout


Partial Source: Pwinsider

According to sources, WWE is making a “very significant” financial investment in Tapout. George Barrios mentioned the apparel brand in the Q3 earnings call today, but didn’t give any details on it.

The current plan is to elevate Tapout as a fitness brand that is partnered with WWE and brings them a new source of revenue. WWE is planning to Tapout Fitness Centers all across the US, with locations including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Brooklyn, Houston, Oakland, New Jersey and more. The centers will integrated WWE branding, Superstars and Divas, with plans to have them partipate such as Ryback (who lives in Vegas) making appearances there. They will be doing more than just signings, including occasionally helping teach classes and the like.

No word yet on when these plans will be officially announced.

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