Backstage Reports On The Triple H/Vince McMahon Issues Over Shane


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The Wrestling Observer reports that there has been talk in WWE about issues between Vince McMahon and Triple H. It notes that while the talk has increased since Shane McMahon returned, the talk could be legitimate or exaggerated. The belief is that if Shane returns to the company in an executive role, Vince may try to play Shane against Triple H and Stephanie.

Meanwhile, the plans for the McMahon Family storyline heading into Wrestlemania has changed within the last few days. The opening RAW segment (which is usually rewritten every week) was changed moments before the show started, ignoring Stephanie McMahon’s promo from the previous week. It was supposed to feature Shane responding to that promo, mentioning that if Stephanie and Triple H didn’t quit WWE when he beats The Undertaker, he’ll fire them both on RAW the night after WrestleMania.

Shane reportedly got “lost” during the promo in Chicago. He also got “lost” during his return promo but Vince covered for him and it wasn’t noticeable to the audience.

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