Backstage Update – Jericho Replacing Cena Against Owens, More


Here are some additional details on the recent Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens matches at recent WWE house shows. Jericho was brought in to replace the injured John Cena for the events, and he defeated Owens in all of the matches. WWE’s booking rule of thumb is for faces to beat the heels when replacing another face performer.

Their first match was held at a live event in San Diego, California. It reportedly went on for 25 minutes to start the show. This was done so fans would not take WWE up on its offer of a refund for John Cena not appearing as originally scheduled. Owens vs. Jericho was later booked as the main event for the house show the next night in Ontario and the main event in Fresno. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose was originally supposed to be the main event for those house shows, but it was instead shifted to the other road crew for live events.

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