Backstage Update – Justin Gabriel Quits, Walks Out Of RAW?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Regarding Justin Gabriel quitting WWE a few weeks ago, word is that he made the decision to do so at the final RAW before the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Gabriel showed up to RAW that day like he would any other, and was once again told that they had nothing for him that evening. At that point, Gabriel made the decision to leave the arena in the middle of the day.

One person informed WWE officials that Gabriel left to go sight-seeing, while another claimed he left the arena to go sky-diving.

Gabriel returned to the building a few hours later and was again told that WWE officials had nothing for him that night. He decided right then and there that he didn’t want to work for WWE any longer.

From there, Gabriel booked his flight home and while he was in between connecting flights, he received a phone call from the WWE head of talent relations, Mark Carrano. Carrano reportedly told him at that point that WWE had booked a segment for him on RAW, but that no one could find him anywhere in the arena to tell him that. It was then that Gabriel made his departure official, as he informed Carano that he had left the building and was quitting the company.

WWE officials were said to be unhappy with the way Gabriel handled the situation, but ultimately a few days later, they granted his release request.

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