Backstage Update – Why Kane Unmasked On RAW?


WWE reportedly is trying to come up with a tie-in for WWE programming between Kane and his character from the See No Evil films, Jacob Goodnight. According to speculation, the removal of Kane’s mask this week on RAW was a sign that WWE wants to bring the Jacob Goodnight character to TV. Shades of Zeus from No Holds Barred wrestling at Summerslam, perhaps?

See No Evil 2 is currently due out for release on October 17, and WWE reportedly wants to introduce the character on TV in order to promote the film.

In addition, started a poll for fans asking what Kane’s unmasking on RAW means. As of now, over 18,000 votes have been cast, with the answer of “Kane will come back more dangerous than ever” leading the vote at 34 percent. Coming in second at 31 percent was, “We’ve seen the last of Kane.” Third at 25 percent is, “The Authority is weakened.” It is interesting because it seems WWE has unmasked and then re-masked Kane several times over the course of the last two years. He wore the mask again when he feuded with Cena, and then he took off his mask when he joined The Authority. He then donned the mask yet again under Stephanie McMahon’s influence to go after Daniel Bryan. And now, he has unmasked himself yet again.

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