Backstage Update – Rey Mysterio’s Status & Future


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Rey Mysterio’s contract with AAA is up at the end of the year. He will be working with them in 2016, but will be working fewer dates. Mysterio will be focusing on Lucha Underground, which is a bigger money deal and will allow him to be at home more often. He doesn’t want to work too much in 2016, because of the injury risk, which is one of the reasons he left WWE. AAA is hopeful that they will be able to get him for their big shows.

This will cause more issues for AAA, at the beginning of the year they had Mysterio, Myzteziz and Alberto Del Rio along with big plans for Perro Aguayo Jr. With the death of Perro, and the departures of Myzteziz and Alberto Del Rio, it causes a lack of big names on top of the card. The original plan was for Mysterio and Johnny Mundo to work a program around the now vacated AAA Mega Championship. But if Mysterio isn’t around much, it takes away a lot of the importance as far as the title goes. It also causes an issue, as there will be no major Mexican superstars to work with Mundo and Brian Cage. Psycho Clown or Fenix could be pushed as top faces, but that will be a big drop in both marketability and drawing.

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