Backstage Update – The Recent Chyna/Triple H Interaction


As previously reported, Sean Waltman claimed on Twitter last week that Chyna confronted Triple H at Roddy Piper’s funeral and almost had to be removed by police. She later posted a video saying the conversation with Triple H wasn’t a confrontation and she never “bumrushed” him.

It seems as though Chyna is on the right side, as sources report that it was not an ambush. Chyna walked up to Triple H after he left and apologized for the past. She only said one sentence to him and the entire conversation lasted around twenty seconds. Triple H was said to be worried that he may have been filmed in secret for Chyna’s documentary, but there was no incident.

However, Chyna was not right about being in line for the WWE title. According to sources, the story was “pure fantasy” and there were never any plans for her to be champion, Playboy shoot or not.

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