Backstage Update: WWE Scouting Talent In Brazil


Credit: Tiago Paiva and

WWE legend William Regal and WWE Director of Talent Canyon Ceman arrived in Brazil on April 27th, going directly to the Federacao Internacional de Luta Livre [Pro-Wrestling International Federation] (FILL) event called “Duplo Impacto” [Double Impact].

There, both WWE employees watched four of the five bouts, with names like Tytan, Prodan, Higor Pezao, Lorain Campos, Vinny Darko, El Garra and Pedro Psycho. Before the event, as a true gentleman, Regal took photos and sign autographs to the fans.

Next day, they went to Sao Paulo for the Brazilian Wrestling Federation (BWF) event named “Convocado para Lutar” [Called to Fight]. Max Miller, Xandao, Tim Anderson, Kadu Mortaia, Insano Igor, Dante and Toko are some of the guys that showed up and wrestled. With seven matches, the show was considered by company owner, Bob Jr, a giant success. Again, Mr. Regal took a lot of photos and signed autographs with the Brazilian crowd.

Regal and Ceman appreciated Insano Igor, Sonico, Tytan, Pezão, Prodan, Max Miller, Tim Anderson, Brutus e Xandao. According to some internal rumors three of this guys are going to have a tryout at WWE Performance Center.

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