Bad News Barrett Discusses Davey Boy/HOF. Rooney Feud, More


In an interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show’s The Josh Podcast, Bad News Barrett spoke about his Twitter “feud” with Manchester United Star Wayne Rooney and the possibility of the British Bulldog going into the WWE Hall of Fame. Here are highlights:

On his bad news for Wayne Rooney: “The bad news would be that unless Wayne Rooney leads England to winning the World Cup I’m going to smash him with a bull hammer as soon as I see him.”

On the potential of Wayne Rooney showing up on WWE’s European tour: “To be honest with you 99% of the country really hates Manchester United. It’s who Wayne Rooney plays for. They’ve got a large fan base. You either love them or you hate them, they’re like the New York Yankees. If we go to Manchester there’s a good chance that I might be the guy to get booed but if we go pretty much any where else they’ll be cheering me and booing him. It’s going to be an interesting one, hopefully we can get him along and do something with him.”

On Davey Boy Smith going into the WWE Hall of Fame: “In my opinion he should have been in there years ago. The Dynamite Kid, is another one I’d like to see get in there. I think its probably getting closer and closer, there’s only so many years they can go past without putting him in there. He was an incredible talent. I think he should have been a world champion, he definitely had all the potential in the world.”

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