Batista Photos From James Bond “007: Spectre” Premiere, More


Former WWE Champion Batista was at the premiere of the new James Bond “007: Spectre” action film last night. Batista spoke to World Entertainment News at the premiere about his acting performance and not wanting to harm the movie with a poor performance.

Batista also spoke to World Entertainment News at the premiere:

“That’s what I’m afraid of. That’s one of those questions you can’t really answer… I’m waiting to hear the feedback. With Guardians of the Galaxy, I got a lot of people who didn’t want me to have the part before we filmed, and after the film was released, the guys were behind me and they supported me. I even had a few apologies, they were sorry. I hope this will be the same thing because I don’t want to be the guy that’s messing up James Bond. I hope they’ll be happy.”