Bayley Comments On What It Will Take To Join WWE’s Main Roster


WWE NXT talent Bayley recently spoke with Fansided about a variety of topics including what it will take to join WWE’s main roster. The following highlights are below, click here for the entire interview.

On joining WWE’s main roster:

I look at it two different ways. Mentally and physically I feel I can make that next step. I think I have done everything I can here in NXT and I do want to test myself on the main roster. I want to be with the girls up there that were in the same place I was.

But the mental side — I am very attached to the NXT product. With all the tours we are doing and all the things that have come our way, it’s very special. I am excited to see what is next for us. Part of me wants to me stay and I would feel left out if I did leave and things are going on here.

But in the end, I love what I’m doing and I will continue to love it no matter where I am.

On the current NXT product:

It has evolved hugely. I came in with Charlotte, Sasha and Paige so it was a great group of women to be introduced with to the other women already here and I began to learn so much. Before I got here I knew the girls were already amazing and we had the pieces start something special. We had to fight for what it is now and the girls really appreciate what we went through and they realize how much work we have to do. It was fun a few years ago but what we wanted to do and it’s all thanks to the girls that has this drive.

On the amount of traveling involved:

I think it’s great for us. All the crowds are very excited because it’s the first time they are seeing us and it’s that little extra excitement to get the show started. I used to wrestle in Shimmer at the Berwyn Eagles Club and it’s really cool to see where I where I started, to where I am now.