Big Dick Johnson: ‘Last-Minute WWE Changes Were Common’


Chris DeJoseph, who both wrote for WWE and appeared on screen as the out-of-shape Chippendales-style stripper Big Dick Johnson, recently spoke about several topics. Check out the highlights below:

On meeting Vince McMahon for the first time: “First time I met Vince was cool. I got him the first of many coffees. He thanked me. I introduced myself to Mr. McMahon. He told me to call him Vince.”

On last-minute changes in WWE: “Last-minute changes happened daily. I’ve given Edge a promo for segment one, 5 minutes before RAW went on the air. He hit a home run. During Edge and Vickie’s Wedding Reception we were literally writing the show as we went. I would sneak their copy out to the stage during breaks.”

On whether he had any backstage issues in WWE: “Kid Kash cornered me once. He was released soon after. And I once got in a fight in a limousine with a high power executive.

The CM Punk situation: “I think Punk is goneā€¦for now.”

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