Bill Goldberg Visits An NFL Training Camp Yesterday


CLR reports that Goldberg was visiting at the San Diego Chargers training camp today. The former WCW and WWE star was a guest of defensive end Corey Liuget and posed for pics with some of the team.

Goldberg talked about the experience, saying, “Dude, this was awesome! I know a number of these guys from the Junior Seau “Shop with a Jock” event during Christmas time. They pair up a kid with a celebrity, and we take them around shopping. It is just about the coolest thing you can ever do. I’ve always been under the impression that talent grows on trees, but it takes a real man to have a heart. And that is where Corey and I became good friends. Ironically, I was on a flight a couple months ago, and he was on it. And he invited me. I thought about how I hadn’t been to an NFL practice in a long time. I had played for three different teams at one point. But my son is nine, and this is the first time he’s been to an NFL practice. Corey opened up his arms, and Mike McCoy and everyone has been so hospitable. It’s been an unbelievable thing to bring my kid to. We loved the hitting all. Are you kidding me? Every time you hear stuff cracking is when you get excited.”

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