Black Bart Undergoes Surgery, Masked Republic iPPV Tonight


— WCW and WWF alumnus Black Bart recently underwent surgery in order to help with the flow of blood in his legs. Our best to Bart and hopes for a quick recovery!

— Here is the card for tonight’s Tonight’s Masked Republic iPPV:

* Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. LA PARK
* Campeonato de Maestros Champion Solar vs. Negro Navarro
* Campeanato de Minus del Mundo champion Mini Mariachi vs. Pequeño Pierroth
* Campeanato de Feminil de PWR champion Christina Von Eerie vs. Sumie Sakai
* Damien 666 & Bestia 666 & Sabu vs. Homicide & BLK Jeez & Ruckus
* Cassandro El Exotico vs. “Spartan” MDogg Matt Cross
* Ophidian The Cobra & The Madjai Amasis & Green Ant vs. “3 Live Gringos” Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy & Papadon

You can order the show at this link.

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