Bob Backlund: ‘I Never Took Drugs!’, Talks Career/Book, More


Bob Backlund spoke with MassLive to promote his new book. Check out the highlights:

On WWE choosing him to be their “All-American Boy”: “All the promoters named one person and it was me. I got the title because I learned about the value of hard work.”

On his early days in the business: “I realized I wasn’t going to get anywhere doing that and I started training with a guy who taught me to be a professional wrestler…I wrestled every night. They had me wrestling people from the audience. Some wrestlers don’t know how to wrestle, they are just entertainers.”

On keeping himself mentally healthy during his career: “When you work out it makes you feel better. It became my life’s blood. It keeps me going every day.”

On never doing drugs: “My family was more important to me. Most of the people who did them are not here today. I won in the long run.”

On his book: “I wanted to write a book to tell people why I made decisions I made. At one time they want me to be a bad guy and I wouldn’t do it because I had a daughter who was 6-years-old.”

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