Bobby Lashley Discusses The Donald Trump Angle, TNA, MMA, More


In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Bobby Lashley spoke about working with Donald Trump, transitioning from wrestling to MMA and more. Here are highlights:

On how wrestling helped his MMA career: “Pro wrestling has absolutely helped my fighting. For starters, I’ve seen the ratings, but the one thing pro wrestling really helped with is being in front of such big crowds. I was a part of the largest WrestleMania ever, so I know how to feed off the energy from the crowd in my fights.”

On working with Donald Trump: “I wanted to see how Trump conducted himself behind the scenes. He’s the real deal. He understands success, and everything he did was top notch. A lot of the success from that WrestleMania was because of him.”

On his time with TNA and their future: “TNA and Bellator were both on Spike, and Bellator approached me about fighting for them. We were both interested in each other, and I was able to work out a contract to do both. TNA is incredible. Dixie Carter is a huge MMA fan. She’s pushing my career as much as I am. She’s like, ‘You need time off? Take time off.’ The way it’s set up in TNA is we don’t do TV every week. We do blocks of TV. The last time I really had to work was the end of July, and we put together 14 weeks of TV. I’ve been training since then. I have the security of my body being healthy and I know I can fight for the duration of my career. I’ve also built my name up in wrestling enough where I have a little bit of security in that genre. If TNA is not around, I can still get my wrestling fix other places.”

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