Breaking News: Hardcore Roadtrip Promoter Goes AWOL


Mark Livingston, the promoter for Hardcore Roadtrip, disappeared during the evening portion of last night’s doubleheader event. Livingston was nowhere to be seen by the end of the show and most of the talent had not been paid for the evening show, nor had transportation arrangements been made for workers to go from the London, Ontario area into the US so they could catch flights back home at the Buffalo and Detroit airports.

The show actually ended with an announcement about the situation; after the final match between Jesse Amato and Masada, the locker room came out to applaud them and then got into the ring. Ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis explained the situation, thanked the talent and asked any fans who had passports and could transport talent to help out of possible.

Another report from the site noted that talent who worked only the matinee show were paid, along with those who had requested their money up front. It was only those who had waited until after the show for their pay who were left out.

There was a story running around backstage that Livingston’s wife took him to the hospital, but that is not confirmed and no one was officially told that. Gregory Iron noted in a post to his Facebook page that he hurt his neck taking a bad bump, acknowledging that it was his own fault but saying that he may have hurt himself unpaid because Livingston “faked a heart attack”.

The promotion has an iPPV scheduled for tonight but that’s entirely up in the air at this point and may well not happen. Livingston has been unavailable for comment since he disappeared.



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