Brodus Clay Discusses Knocking Out Adrian Neville’s Teeth


During his recent YouShoot interview, Brodus Clay spoke about knocking out some of Adrian Neville’s teeth during a match in NXT. Here is what he had to say about the incident…

“He came off the top rope and his face hit my head. As we went down, I t-boned him out of it, his teeth actually stayed stuck in his mouthpiece. He didn’t know his teeth were out until he got in the back. But he got brand new teeth out of it. Actually, he lost 1 real tooth. The other 2 were fake that were bonded together. He lost 3 but 2 weren’t really his. So I’ll take credit for the one. But then he got 3 new teeth and they’re all the same color. So if anything, it’s a come up for him (laughs).”

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