The Bunny’s Profile, Batista’s Film Reaches Milestone


— “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the latest Marvel movie starring Dave “Batista” Bautista, is now the third highest grossing Marvel Studios movie of all-time.

— As noted over the weekend, Adam Rose’s “Bunny” now has a profile on the official WWE website. You can check it out at this link. WWE wrote the following on his page:

“While little is known about the bushy-tailed sensation, no one can deny the impact he is having in Rose’s corner and on the WWE Universe as a whole. On the Sept. 22 edition of Raw, The Bunny brought the crowd to its feet when he made his official debut, joining the self-proclaimed “Conductor” of The Exotic Express in a tag team showdown against Slater-Gator. Without a doubt, this competitor is ready to jump into greatness, and the party is only looking up from here.”

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