Cesaro Discusses Daniel Bryan’s Retirement, His Best WWE Match, & More


Cesaro recently spoke with Gulf News TV, here are the highlights…

* When asked about his best WWE match, Cesaro said that it was the United States Title match against John Cena at RAW in Chicago on July 6th of last year. He added that it was very special because it was his biggest RAW main event yet.

* His three toughest opponents have been Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Big Show.

* He’s sad about Daniel Bryan’s retirement. He’s known Bryan for more than 10 years and they traveled together when he first came to WWE.

* When asked about a dream opponent from the Attitude Era, he named Steve Austin.

* In regards to Sunday’s Fastlane main event, he predicts Dean Ambrose to defeat Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

* When asked about his top 5 wrestlers of all time, he named Owen Hart, The Steiner Brothers, Steve Austin and Papa Shango.

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