Cesaro’s Twitter Account Hacked – Details Inside Here


UPDATED: The person who hacked the account posted the following on Twitter during his run of posts…

“This isn’t an attack at Cesaro at any means. This is purely me getting my anger out at WWE on Cesaro’s behalf.”

The hacker later gave Cesaro information on how to take control of his account again, but the situation led to #PushCesaro trending on Twitter…

ORIGINAL: WWE’s Cesaro reportedly had his Twitter account hacked early Monday morning. Cearo’s Twitter started to fill with controversial tweets, discussing his lack of push; lack of charisma and hoping Vince McMahon gets cancer. The tweets have been deleted, but here are some of the posts that showed up on his timeline…

You know what? I’m sick of Vince McMahon and his bullshit. I don’t even get a chance to get the tag titles with Kidd now.

I hope that old man gets cancer, I would of been one of the best for sure in WWE. But that old washed up has been has no idea.

I lack charisma? Yeah right I’m the Swiss superman everybody cheered for me at WM.

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