Charlotte Reveals Why Her Father Never Wanted To Retire, More


In an interview with an interview with Talksport‘s Gorilla Position podcast and MTV UK, WWE NXT Diva Charlotte said that she understands why her father Ric Flair never wanted to retire. She also vowed to main event a PPV one day. Here are highlights of both interviews:

On changing the perception of women’s wrestling: “I want to revolutionize women’s wrestling. We’ve only given a taste [so far], that’s only a little bit of what the girls can do down here.”

On her goals: “I don’t know how long it will take, but we won’t stop until we prove to the world NXT means business. I guess that sounds clichéd but that’s what I want to do. I want to be taken as… I know we’re not men, but I want to be a main eventer. I know one day I will main event a pay-per-view. It might not be Wrestlemania, but it will be a pay-per-view.”

On her father’s passion for wrestling: “My dad lives, breathed professional wrestling. I never understood how he could just continue to go and go and go. I’d say he had a hard time when he retired and I never understood that. ‘You’ve retired. You’ve worked your whole life. Why do you still want to wrestle?’ Today, now I understand. All he ever wanted to do was entertain the fans. When you absolutely love what you do… being a part of this NXT/WWE family, I get it now. You’re with them more than your own family sometimes. I get it and I get just as emotional thinking about it as he did because it does mean so much to you when you love what you do that much.”