Chavo Guerrero Reveals Why Fans “NEED” To Check Out Lucha Underground, Talks WWE


Chavo Guerrero spoke with HuffPost promoting the second season of Lucha Underground. Check out some highlights:

On why Lucha Underground’s attraction: “Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, if you watch our show, you’re going to like it. The character development, the backstage vignettes, everything we do it’s just really, really good.”

On being taped vs. being live: “Every new organization, everybody that starts out, always says they are ‘something new,’ but all they ever are is a bad copy of WWE. All those other companies — WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor — are all live event companies. Their TV just pushes you to their network, gets you to go to their live events or ‘super-sizes’ you to buy their pay-per-views. We don’t have all that stuff.”

On the show’s shorter seasons: “That’s why you see the WWE guys are all — well, a lot of them — are broken down, pretty much, because they go hard! They go really, really hard. All wrestlers go really hard, but there’s no time [for WWE talent] to heal. It’s easy for them to get burnt out…We’ve killed people — killed characters — on the show, so in a sense, we’re killing wrestlers. You don’t see that anywhere else! They’re not killing off Randy Orton, where you can see his blood splatter against the wall, but we’ve actually done that on Lucha Underground!”

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