CM Punk Cut From WWE’s ‘Taker Magazine, Lynch/Charlotte Photos


— WWE’s “Undertaker: 25 Years of the Deadman” commemorative magazine and CM Punk is nowhere to be seen. This is notable because there is a recap of The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak and Punk was a part of that.

— There were around 2,109 fans at Global Force Wrestling’s TV tapings on Friday. This number comes from the Orleans Arena. It’s a lot higher than the previously reported attendance of 400-500. Several people estimated between 300-500 fans while The Orleans Arena said that over 500 fans came in after the show had already started. Fans with free tickets came and went as they pleased. When the show started, fans were moved up to the first five or six rows to fill in seats.

– Here are more images of Becky Lynch and Charlotte, making the morning media rounds…

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