CM Punk Planning On Returning To WWE After His First UFC Fight In December?


Just when you thought you have seen and/or heard everything about the pro wrestling, someone special always comes along and throws a curve ball you never see coming. This time, that person is “The Best in the World” himself — CM Punk.

Punk, who recently signed to become a professional MMA fighter under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner earlier this year, spoke out in a recent interview with a local newspaper in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, and most fans will be absolutely stunned to hear what the Chicago native had to say.

In addition to sharing his thoughts on Hulk Hogan’s racism controversy, as well as WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan stealing UFC fighter Diego Sanchez’s famous “Yes!” chant — only to make it ten-times more popular –, “The Cult of Personality” himself, CM Punk, dropped a gem.

What did CM Punk say about his plans to return to the world of pro wrestling, or more specifically, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), when he is done with his attempt at becoming a full-fledged UFC fighter? The answer will piss off MMA fans who are looking forward to seeing him fight, and thrill the pro wrestling fans who miss seeing “The Best in the World” inside the squared-circle each Monday night on WWE RAW.

Find out what CM Punk had to say about his plans to return to WWE, his thoughts on the Hulk Hogan racism scandal, his friend Daniel Bryan stealing — and popularizing — UFC’s Diego Sanchez “Yes!” chant, by CLICKING HERE.

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