Corey Graves Discusses Music, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho & Others


Corey Graves wrote a new column for Alternative Press in which he asked Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho and various musicians about what songs remind them of their most awkward make-out sesions.

Jericho said: “‘Winds Of Change’ by the Scorpions. I was making out with a chick at my mom’s house with the Crazy World album on. Just as this tune was came on, I suffered from the most embarrassing of calamities: premature… well, you know. With my dreams shattered and my underwear soiled, I claimed a foot cramp and ran to the bathroom to assess the sitch.”

Ziggler added: “A long distance girlfriend came to visit me and thought I was cheating on her. Surprisingly, I was not. After a fun night out together, she jumped up—naked—grabbed my phone and ran out of my apartment, planning to lock herself inside of her car and go through my phone. I caught her and stopped her from running into a public parking lot naked, and as she was saying “who’s this” and “who’s that” in my phone (and hitting me) and yelling about all these GIRLS, GIRLS… “Girls, Girls, Girls” came on and she was like; ”what the hell are you laughing at?” I explained and she laughed and then we both laughed and played that song a few more times laughing. Of course, a year later, she eventually broke up with me, because I had too many friends that were girls. Years later I would send pics to her phone, backstage at Crue (surrounded by girls, obvs) with the caption “same old situation.” Never got a response.”

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