Corey Graves Latest Column, Sami Zayn On RAW Full-Time?, More

0 published a new “Stay Loud” column by WWE’s Corey Graves this week. For his new column, Graves asked WWE Superstars about what they are looking forward to in 2016.

WWE world heavyweight champion Roman Reigns said he thinks Finn Balor is going to have a big 2016, saying: “I think Finn Balor is a guy poised for a huge 2016. He’s already NXT champ, and he’s still getting better! With his experience and athletic ability, I see him as a strong newcomer to the WWE main roster.”

— Also in the same column, Sami Zayn said that he is looking forward to moving to the main RAW roster full-time. He stated: “Musically, the two things I’m going to watch out for in 2016: Guns N’ Roses reuniting and Against Me!’s next album release. As far as wrestling goes, outside of myself looking to move full-time to Raw in 2016, I would say to keep your eye on NXT as we expand on a gigantic 2015 and go on to do even more big things. Keep your eyes out for some imports that may be coming in soon.”

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