CZW Star Slams The Philadelphia, PA Crowd – Details Inside


CZW star Chris Dickinson wasn’t too pleased with the crowd reaction from the ECW Arena, where CZW’s 16th anniversary show was held on the 16th. Dickinson took to Facebook to post the following:

ECW arena… TOTAL F–ING JOKE. Pure white trash coupled with every other species collectively suffering miserably as they waste their last twenty bucks to have a horrible time. Some of the people that aren’t stuck in two thousand whatever and actually like wrestling were there and I apologize to you. Next time I’ll lock that headlock on for the entire match instead of even physically exerted myself for your petty entertainment. I will also make sure to take my trunks completely off while sh-tting in the middle or the ring to truly show you how I feel about your hallowed ground. I don’t even know why I tried.

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