Damien Mizdow Discusses His Popularity As ‘Mizdow’


In an interview with The News Press, Damien Sandow spoke about his current run in the WWE working as The Miz’s stunt double, “Damien Mizdow”. Here are highlights:

On working with The Miz: “Miz is the prototype for a professional, in my opinion. I really cannot say enough good things about him… I’ve known Miz for years, but to be able to work with him in this capacity is awesome. The chemistry we have is great. And we’re both enjoying it.”

On his new popularity after being booed as a heel: “As long as I’m getting a reaction, then you make a connection. And that’s one of those things that — no matter what I was doing — I’m very proud that I always had. And that’s the connection with the fans.”

On what Miz thinks of his popularity: “Well, you know what, that’s not something we really talk about between us. We just go out there and do our job. I’m his personal assistant right now. So I’m busy assisting. When we walk out there, the fans — they decide.”

On how long “Mizdow” will last: “You know what, as long as The Miz will have me as his personal assistant or stunt double. And as long as the WWE Universe is into it.”

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