Dan Severn Says He’s The Original “Brock Lesnar”


Dan “The Beast” Severn recently spoke with Sean Ross Sapp of WrestlingInc about a couple interesting topics below:

Question: I remember seeing you with an NWA and a UFC title in the cage. At the time as a child, I didn’t know that was something that could happen.

“Oh, but I thought Brock Lesnar was the only person to have done this. I say that facetiously because I did it almost 20 years before him.”

Question: Was there anyone in MMA or pro wrestling that you saw and thought their skill set would cross over well?

“Yeah, I came across people who had bigger than life personality. They’d be good or average wrestlers, and that’s the sad part. It’s tough to make a life in amatuer wrestling. Between my cage fighting, professional wreslting and amateur wrestling career, my professional wrestling career paid the best. I’m almost ashamed to say it, but that’s the fact of it all.”