Daniel Bryan Feels He’s Ready To Return To The Ring, Talks Fans


Daniel Bryan spoke with Sport 360 in the UAE for a new interview. Check out the highlights

On whether his in-ring career is over: “No, at least not in my mind. WWE might be thinking that but I feel great. I feel like I’m ready to wrestle. If they called me to wrestle tomorrow I would. It’s just a matter of getting cleared. I’ve had a long history of concussions, so they are a bit hesitant to get me back. I’ve learned a lot about concussions during this process. I met with one of the top neurologists that specialise in concussions in the United States. They can check me after every match, but to make sure I reach a baseline level to what my mental capacities are.”

On surrendering his titles due to his injuries: “It’s was very frustrating, but more the health aspect of it is: the title part isn’t the big deal. The big deal is how wrestling is the way I express myself creatively, not being able to do it has made me frustrated. I’ve tried to transition this into gardening but it’s not the same. I’m working on it though!”

On the fan response if he returns: “When I came back from neck surgery I felt like I didn’t miss a bit in terms of fan support. It will be interesting to see what it will be like when/if I come back from this one. I feel like when you get multiple injuries then fans start to lose faith in you.”

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