When Was Daniel Bryan Really Cleared To Return?, & More


Daniel Bryan spoke with CBS Local in Washington for a new interview. Check out some highlights below:

* Bryan revealed that he wasn’t officially cleared to wrestle until the day before his first match back on the January 15th episode of Smackdown (which was taped on January 13th). He said that when he announced he was entering the Royal Rumble on the December 29th episode of Raw, he was only about 90% sure that he was about to be medically cleared.

* Bryan added that he had been talking with WWE in the three to four weeks before that point, and had told them that the treatment was finally working and he was preparing to return.

* Bryan also discussed the negative reaction Roman Reigns received at the Royal Rumble. He said that he felt it had less to do with overzealous fans in Philadelphia than it did with the hardcore WWE wrestling fan base that traveled from all over to attend the show.

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