DDP On Scott Hall’s Status, Best Match With Roddy Piper & More


WrestlingInc recently interviewed former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page to discuss the special Resurrection of Jake The Snake movie screenings. Below are highlights from the interview, click here for the entire article.

Did you know Roddy Piper much before he came into WCW?

“I didn’t know him personally, of course everyone knew the legend. We got to work with each other. He gave me a big rub. We did a nice tribute to him, too. We got to be really tight the last 5 years. I think he started to do his original podcast 5 years ago, and I was an early guest. He had seen the disabled veteran Arthur that I helped heal, and helped walk again. Him and I were already on great terms, but that peeled a layer off the onion. Then when he saw what was happening with the Resurrection of Jake The Snake, he loved Jake. He said that if I could help Jake, that would be humongous. He saw what happened over the period, and we were really tight.

“I spent some time with him and his son, Colt. I couldn’t get up to the funeral, but Colt called me to come up to the memorial, and I shifted all my stuff around to fly out to LA from Atlanta for the day. I got up and told some fun stories about Roddy. Chavo Guerrero, his stories were awesome. What a great kid he is. Roddy really took a lot of people’s youth. Him and Dusty both. It’s really cool to see how many people you inspire that become a big part of your life. Dusty was a big part of my life as a wrestling fan before he ever became my friend and brother. Dusty would say ‘There are five people I consider my closest friends, and you’re one of them.’ People will say that it’s about who you know, but that has nothing to do with it. It’s about who’s willing to say they know you. Who’s willing to put their name on the line for you. Dream did that for me a ton of times, and so did Piper. He’d put my stuff out there big time, which was really cool.”

Do you have a favorite Roddy Piper match?

“I think one of my favorite matches with Roddy that showed what a great worker he was the WrestleMania match with Bret Hart. He wasn’t the polished worker that Ric Flair is, but his work was so real and believable. I would watch that match over and over. The psychology in that match, and that finish. What a great finish.

“My favorite moment with him, and I talked about it in my tribute, was when we were going through the crowd. I asked him if he wanted to do it, and he said ‘you go through the crowd?’ I didn’t take into consideration the guy’s been stabbed three times out in the crowd. It’s a different time, but people are getting crazy again. I loved that. When people ask what I miss the most, it’s that. I can get the same crowd and energy from teaching a DDP Yoga class, because sometimes I get 100 to 150 people doing my workout with me in a workshop, so the energy is insane. When you’re going through the crowd and they’re screaming and touching you because they can’t believe you broke the fourth wall. Piper and I are going through it, reaching to touch you, but they’re not touching you, their hands are coming 80 miles an hour and they’re smacking you. So you’re getting clubbed to a degree (laughs). It was like time stopped for a moment. Piper’s looking up at me with a white in his eyes and said ‘so ya do this every night, do ya? God bless ya.’ He’s like ‘I’m outta here’ (laughs)

Can current wrestling viewership get back to the height older days:

“It’ll never happen again. I don’t care who puts what kind of money into any organization. I would bet in my lifetime no one will ever catch WWE again. To be honest, I didn’t think it would happen when we were going for it. Eric Bischoff saw it in his third eye, and he would tell me about it. I would be like ‘what are you smoking, dude? We’re not going to beat Vince McMahon. Be realistic. We’re doing good at number 2.’ He saw that all the way through, and because he was such a fighter. At first, Vince wasn’t going to put him over at all, and why should he? We were a distant number 2. When it started to become relevant and we weren’t a number two, it cracked me up when Eric went out and challenged Vince to a street fight. He was dead serious, but he also knew Vince would never take you up on it, but he wouldn’t have cared, he’d have loved it. A lot of people think of him as evil Eric Bischoff, trying to shut Vince McMahon down. That isn’t what he was trying to do, he was trying to win the fight. That guy only knows one way; I’m going to win and I’m going to knock him out.

How is Scott Hall doing now?

“Back on track, thank you God. He’s over a month and doing really well. I’ll talk to him, but he’s doing this on his own, which has never happened before. You’ve seen the movie, Jake falls a few times. When you’re taking on a serious addiction, there are so many other things that play into it. Being around these two guys that I’ve been around for 20 years, the last three have been a different level. We’re family now. You’ll love the new ending. To talk to Scott when he’s sh-tfaced, and when he’s sober, there’s a different sense of clarity. I hope he can stay on it. If he falls, he falls. Hopefully it’s not a bad one. Jake’s were less and less. It’d be a day and he’d be back on for months. People love Jake Roberts, people love Scott Hall.

“When people see this movie, it’s going to take the admiration to a different level. You’ll see some tough shots, and they’re trying. Right now they’re doing, which is even better. Everything we do in that movie is real. We come from a world where everything is predetermined and a work, but this is raw as raw can be. There are no better fans than wrestling fans. I saw what happened when Jake and Scott needed help. The fans rallied to get behind them with the Indiegogo pledges. It was nothing short of miraculous. We couldn’t put the part in there about Scott’s campaign, because it would have been too long of a movie and it’s Jake’s movie, but we did add everyone in who donated. Special thanks at the end of the movie. When we have the DVDs ready to burn, they’ll be the first to get it. It’ll be after the theatrical release and the VOD, then they’ll get it. Then we’ll go to Showtime and all that and whoever wants to cut a deal with us for it. There’s over 4,500 names at the end of the credits for special thanks, so look for your name if you helped out.