Does John Cena Think He’ll Be Ready To Go At WrestleMania 32?


In an interview with FOX Sports, John Cena spoke about whether or not he would be at WrestleMania 32. At first he joked around but later gave a serious answer. He had rotator cuff surgery six weeks ago.

He said: “Percentage-wise, I’m somewhere between zero and 100. That’s a safe estimation for me. As far as me participating in WrestleMania 32, the Magic 8-Ball says ‘ask again later’. It would be personally unfortunate for me to miss WrestleMania. But if I can’t perform, it would be unfortunate for the people watching WrestleMania to see me suffer through something that isn’t worthy of the event. I take a very unselfish approach to my job and what I do because people spend their hard-earned money to enjoy what we do. And our goal is to deliver the best show possible. If I can contribute to that, great. If I can’t then, it not helping any of fans … we’ll see how it works. I know there will be a WrestleMania 33 and 34 and 35. And hopefully 100.“

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