The Dress Code Revealed For Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant


TMZ reports that the dress code has been revealed for Hulk Hogan’s restaurant Hogan’s Beach in Tampa, Florida. It’s fairly strict as it bans many popular clothing styles.

Banned clothing includes:

– No oversized t-shirts extending past the mid thigh
– No excessively baggy attire
– No low hanging pants or shorts
– No hats facing sideways or back facing
– No oversized or excessive jewelry
– No camouflage (unless with military ID)
– No workout clothing (including track suits, jump suits, sweat pants or basketball shorts)
– No high-top sneakers

Even do-rags and bandanas are not allowed, even though Hogan himself commonly wears them (as he does on the sign). A restaurant employee says the strict code is only enforced during concert events, but not so much during lunch or dinner. When asked about the oversized jewelry, he simply said “I don’t want to sound stereotypical …” and didn’t finish the thought.

Hogan only licenses his name to the restaurant and says he didn’t know about the dress code. He’s currently looking into it. You can see a promo video below.

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