Drew Galloway: ‘Many Fans Who Hate TNA Don’t Watch!’


Drew Galloway spoke out for a new interview. Check out the audio and highlights below:

On Ethan Carter’s injunction against TNA: “I’m going to file an injunction against his foot for kicking me in the nuts.”

On whether he still sees himself in the main event picture with TNA after Bound For Glory: “I don’t see myself anywhere else. Obviously, going forward I think Matt Hardy and Ethan Carter are going to have some beef but I’m going to have some beef also. You know Jeff interfered in the match, I got kicked in the nuts… so, you know, I’ve got a bit of beef myself. I’ve promised that I was going to go all out saying I’d go as far as to kill myself and trust me, the past two days, I feel like it. I put my body through more than I usually would but it was the main event and the title was on the line. All three of us went for it. So I’ve got plenty of gripes, Hardy’s got plenty of gripes… it’ll be interesting television going forward. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

On the difference between the ways TNA & WWE operate: “Obviously right now with TNA since I came in there’s been no house shows and the like. And the TV tapings are filmed consecutively like four or five days together. Then there are no house shows around it so that’s obviously a big difference. The WWE is all year round and it’s all planned out in advance. It’s the machine that has been the machine forever. The WWE is the biggest global phenomenon in the world. It’s always going to be. And thankfully everyone knows now not to trying to compete with them. Because you’re never going to be them so you’ve got to try and be different. That’s the cool thing right now. Everyone’s being so different. With TNA and Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground and especially in NXT. NXT is part of the WWE but everyone is so different. ”

On his personal goals: “My goal is simply to be the best in the world. Simple. Simply to be the best. That’s a hard goal with guys like AJ running around but that’s the goal.”

On fans who hate on the TNA product: “Are they not watching the product? Whenever I speak to them and whenever I do indy shows they say, “Oh, you’re doing great work here.” And I’m like, “Thank you.” And then they ask, “So what about TNA? It’s not too great right now.” And I’ll ask them a couple of questions just to see if they’re actually watching and they’re blatantly not watching. That’s generally the case I’ve found.”

On his transition from Vince McMahon’s “Chosen One” to being in 3MB: “Well, Vince got taken off TV by Nexus so the main part of my storyline wasn’t there anymore. All the guys I was working with already had feuds in place and their next feuds in place so there was no one really to work with via circumstance. Then eventually I just wasn’t in anything and then you become “random match man” and you’ve only got so much life left in you. There’s only so many storylines that can help people advance and I just wasn’t in any storylines for a long time. It got to the point where me doing anything would have been good and I would have been happy. So I guess Vince says, “Let’s give Heath a band.” And rather than going with the more obvious choices Vince doesn’t think like everybody else. He went, “I want Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. The more serious guys to see what they do with it.” He was very much in to it and he had ideas I guess but my wrist was broken at the time. I needed surgery a week after it started and I guess nobody informed the boss. So, whatever ideas he had went down the drain. I couldn’t touch anyone or be touched by anyone for six months. By the time I was ring ready again the gimmick wasn’t really going anymore. Which is fine. We were having a laugh with each other trying to make the best of it. People were getting with it and having a laugh with us but… yeah… I couldn’t physically compete for six months and then it was what it was when I came back. Then I was gone and thankfully this has all happened ever since.”

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