Ed Ferrera Discusses Charlotte/Rousey. CM Punk Profiled, Mundo


Fightland recently profiled Roufusport MMA, featuring CM Punk and trainer Duke Roufus, with photos of the team in the training facility.

— Former WWE and WCW writer Ed Ferrera spoke out for a new interview. Check out a couple of highlights below:

On whether WWE’s method of usually bringing up the NXT champion to the roster in succession is too predictable: “I look at it from the flip side than the way you are looking at it. The guys who were at the top of their game in NXT would be the ones that they would give the run with the belt. Those are the ones that clearly the WWE would be looking to add to the main roster first. I don’t think it’s, “Hey, we want to bring this guy up put the belt on him.” I think it’s, “Hey, we put the belt on this guy you really should consider him.” As far as that goes, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal in terms of predictability. What’s predictable is when they bring them up before they’ve dropped the belt. Now granted, that brought Kevin Owens in with a lot more fan fare and heat. It brings Sasha Banks in with a lot more fan fare because they are, or were; in Owens case he was the champion when he came in. Sasha Banks supposedly still is (the champion) even though she has yet to actually have that WWE NXT Women’s Championship belt with her on RAW. Which I can’t understand for the life of me why they don’t have her with that belt over her shoulder. They still bill her as the WWE NXT Women’s Champion but she never shows up with the belt. I don’t know if she’s just very forgetful and she keeps leaving it in her hotel room or for some reason they don’t want to have her on TV out shining any of the other divas. Maybe they don’t want her out shining Nikki. They may be afraid of that because the chances are she’s going to out shine her (Nikki) anyway. I don’t think it’s so much predictable about who’s going up next. You can kind of get a feel of who’s on their way up and who’s going to stick around to finish baking. I just think it becomes a bit predictable, being an NXT fan, knowing that anyone of Sasha Banks’ next matches is going to be her last match since she’s already up on the main roster. She has to drop the belt and has to do the favor on the way out.”

On whether Charlotte can become WWE’s Ronda Rousey: “She’ll be as much of a draw as A, they allow her to become and B, how they build her opponents. There was only a WrestleMania not because of Hulk Hogan but because you also had Roddy Piper. You’ve got to go back to that. You’re only as good as your opponent. You’re only as important as the rivalry with the opponent.”

— Johnny Mundo recently spoke with Under The Mat Radio, discussing his time on Tough Enough, Lucha Underground, memories of Eddie Guerrero and more. Check it out below…