Edge Discusses His Retirement vs. Daniel Bryan’s, Christian Future & ‘Retirement’, More


In an interview with Talk is Jericho, Edge and Christian appeared to promote their WWE Network show The Edge & Christian Show That Totally Reeks Of Awesomeness. Edge said that retirement is probably going to be harder for Daniel Bryan than it was for him. Here are highlights:

On Daniel Bryan’s retirement: “I was already mentally and emotionally preparing myself for [retirement], so it didn’t hit me as hard as I think maybe it does some. And, at that point, I had close to a 20-year career and there was nothing left to do except put younger guys over, which is what I was going to do, which would have been great and fun [to] teach and all of those things. But that was really the final thing to do, whereas, I think, it’s harder for Bryan that he had a lot more [to accomplish]. Yeah, he still wanted it and so that makes it more difficult. And I’m sure he’ll go through a mourning process because, even though I was ready, I still went through that, ‘okay, now what? Is it just sit around? Is it? I don’t know.’ So that’s the interesting, kind of, path you walk after.”

Christian on not talking to WWE about his own retirement: “Honestly, we haven’t even sat down and had that conversation yet. So in my mind, it’s probably the last time. But when I look back on it, it’s one of those things. I think if it had been taken away kind of abruptly when I was like 29 or 30, and I still had so much left to accomplish, like, honestly, I probably accomplished more than I ever dreamed that I would. And, so, to look back, I’m like, ‘man, that’s a pretty good career. Not many people can say that they’ve had the career that I did,’ so in that respect, I can’t really be too mad about that or think in those terms. But, you have to put your health and your family first and I think that helps.”

Edge on using the TLC matches to stand out in the Attitude Era: “It was the land of the dinosaurs then. It was like all these huge, now, especially, looking back, iconic stars, and [we were] not getting an opportunity to be on the mic, so we’re like, ‘okay, if we’re not going to get mic opportunity, what do we do? Let’s pitch ideas where our strength is that we will do some crazy stuff and try and get noticed.’ Not the wisest choices, yeah. In hindsight, we did stuff that once I realized what it takes to get to the tippy top, especially as a singles guy, that I wouldn’t have done half the stuff that we did then, but we felt like we had to and I think we did to get noticed”.

Here is a new clip from tonight’s edition of The Edge and Christian Show. The show airs on the WWE Network after Raw, and the clip features Edge, Christian and Stardust asking school kids their opinion on past WWE stars…

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