Eric Bischoff Issues Statement Regarding Hulk Hogan’s Trial With Gawker


Former WCW President Eric Bischoff recently took time to share his thoughts concerning the ongoing Hulk Hogan and Gawker trial.

Bischoff wrote the following about his longtime friend on his official Facebook page:

“One of my best friends, and someone who is recognized all over the world, is in a high profile trial that not only continues to expose the most intimate and embarrassing part of his (presumably) private life, but will determine just how far blog sites can go to exploit and ruin the lives of others-celebrities or not. Clearly I am not objective. I know the man as well or better than anyone outside his family. I ask any wrestling fans out there-to support this man in your thoughts and prayers as he defends himself and his family agains a group that has caused so much pain and suffering to so many-just to get a visit, click, follow or tweet. He’s not perfect. None of us are. But no one deserves what has happened to him. Looking forward to seeing him at peace.”